So Proud

Great Full Gardens is so proud to be a part of our amazing community! Please send a round of applause and appreciation to our neighbors, vendors, and supporters:

→ Our table salt is 100% Himalayan Pink Salt.

→ GinoTheSoupMan soups are available to take home by the quart. And is also available at Whole Foods Reno, Great Basin Co-Op, Natural Grocers Reno, and The Urban Market

→ We proudly serve Elevated Water: Ultra pure, Magnesium enriched water from 

→ Our kombucha is brewed at FOLK brewery in South Lake Tahoe, and uses pure Lake Tahoe water!

→ All of our meats are "Never-Ever"-- raised without hormones or antibiotics, and served free of Nitrates, Nitrites and added fillers.

→ Our eggs are certified free-range organic, certified humane, non-GMO project verified. We also use local organic eggs whenever possible. 

→ We use 100% Real Organic Maple Syrup.

→ We use locally grown & organic produce whenever possible.

→ Our mayo, butter, and aioli items are vegan.

→ Our chicken is 100% organic, from Mary's Chicken.

→ Our seafood is always wild-caught, from sustainable fisheries.

→ We sell quarts of Al's Bees Local Honey! 

→ Be sure to try our House Made Siren Sauce, with Chili Arbol, Roasted Garlic & Olive Blend. It's on your table! Also available to take home.

→ Great Full Gardens is committed to being a socially responsible employer by offering higher-than-market wages, group health insurance and upward mobility.

→ Great Full Gardens is partnered with local non-profit company, RootEd, to bring greenhouses to our local schools and non-profit companies. Our children are our future, and local food is our passion!